Curriculum Vitae of Marjolein Katsma

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Personal data
NameAnneke Marjoleintje Katsma
Date of Birth25 March 1950
Marital StatusSingle
Geuzenstraat 35-3
Emailiamback4now@ [at]

Employment history

1999 - present: Open Source projects

Soon after setting up my second website, I became involved in Open Source Software, where especially recently the emphasis has mostly been on compliance with web standards from a CMS perspective. (See also Professional activities outside day-time jobs.)


May 2000 - December 2001 Allaire Corp. & Macromedia, Newton, MA

(Now acquired by Adobe)
275 Grove Street, Newton 02466, MA, USA

Position: Senior Product Manager, Visual Tools

1990-2000 Delta Lloyd Nuts Ohra, Amsterdam

Spaklerweg 4, 1096 BA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Most recent position: Consultant OO and GUI Design, Internet technology

1985-1990 Zwitserleven, Amsterdam

Burg. Ryndersln. 7, 1185 MD, Amstelveen, Netherlands

1982-1985 Dienst Informatieverwerking Rijkswaterstaat, Rijswijk

(no address; no longer exists due to reorganization)

1977-1982 Chemco, Inc., Soestduinen

(Company no longer exists, taken over by Kodak)
Kodak Polychrome Graphics, De Kronkels 16a, P.O. Box 56, 3750 GB Bunschoten, The Netherlands

Professional activities outside day-time jobs

Other relevant IT experience

1971-1977 Academy of Arts, Arnhem (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem) & Institute of Sonology, University Utrecht

Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem, Netherlands

no address; the institute no longer exists

Personal interests


Note: This list represents almost exclusively formal education, not the knowledge and skills I acquired through self study.

Schooling and professional courses
School / courseInstituteCityPeriod
Gymnasium-BPraedinius GymnasiumGroningen1962-1968
Akte Tekenen MO-AAkademie “Minerva”Groningen1968-1971
Akte Tekenen MO-AABK ArnhemArnhem1971-1972
Architectural designABK ArnhemArnhem1972-1977
Electronic musicInstitute of Sonology R.Univ. UtrechtUtrecht1975-1977
Quality analysisKwaliteitsdienst KDIRotterdam1980
Statistics for Quality analystsKwaliteitsdienst KDIRotterdam1980
Experimental design for Quality analystsKwaliteitsdienst KDIRotterdam1981
Basic Business Systems AnalysisB.I.S. (London)Blackpool1981
Informatika 1 (I1) (CS)Self study1980-1981
Informatika 2 (I2) (CS)P.B.N.A. (correspondence course)Arnhem1980-1981
Basic file organization (B1)P.B.N.A. (correspondence course)Arnhem1980-1981
ECL I (Demand)Sperry-UnivacUtrecht1982
ECL II (Extended)Sperry-UnivacUtrecht1982
Design issues online systemsCAP-GeminiUtrecht1982-1983
Dialog designCAP-GeminiUtrecht1983
Relational Databases (introduction)Dienst Informatieverwerking R.W.S.Rijswijk1983
Introduction DatabasesDienst Informatieverwerking R.W.S.Rijswijk1983
Structured Design and ProgrammingDEC Educational ServicesRijswijk1984
Introduction ISACDienst Informatieverwerking R.W.S.Rijswijk1984
Programming with PascalTeleac (TV and correspondence course)Utrecht1984
File organization (B2)P.B.N.A. (correspondence course)Arnhem1984-1985
Data AnalysisBullAmersfoort1986
Database Design (Codasyl)BullAmersfoort1986
Structured Analysis WorkshopYourdon EuropeUtrecht1986
Structured Design (Yourdon)Self study1986
Life insurance basicsZwitserlevenAmsterdam1985-1986
Software design and human efficiencyComputable Informatica SeminarsAmsterdam1987
Introduction SDM2BullAmsterdam1989
Starpublishing BasicsBullAmsterdam1990
Cobol 85BullAmsterdam1990
Life insurance basicsDelta LloydAmsterdam1990
ISAC for analystsCompute College/Moret Ernst & YoungAmsterdam1991
Object Modeling TechniqueSelf study (NGI working group)1993-1994
Object OrientationCibit / ELCUtrecht/Capelle1997
User Interface DesignCibitUtrecht1997
Tutorials CHI’99 (Internet trajectory)ACM SIGCHIPittsburgh, PA1999